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Interior Design Styles (just a few)

There are many interior design styles available for the liking. So many, in fact, that I lowered the amount utilized in this blog so it would not last for days! Included below are more simplified characteristics and aspects of a few different design styles. For more information, please contact Lauren Balestrieri @


Traditional     (Rich Look)

Use of symmetry to create a calm, orderly decor. Typically this décor and furniture has more ornate details and more formal, which can be used to dress up more casual spaces

Thick and plush furniture and fabrics like silks, brocades, satin, jacquard, chintz and rich brown leather tones. Fabrics can be muted in color and/or color contrast and typically damasks, floral, solids, stripes and plaids

Color palette is usually in the mid-tones to rich colors to enhance the mood and feel of the space. Dark stains, honey tones, semi opaque paints, wicker baskets, and oak cabinets add to the more formal feel of traditional.


Contemporary           (Modern Yet Comfortable)

Marked by solid colors, muted neutrals and bold punches of color in both furniture and accessories against a blank slate of walls or floors. Note, fewer accent pieces are used for a clean and open look. Graphic elements in artwork or as accents

Furniture is sleek, lower to the ground and often has metal frames or straight legs with emphasis on basic shapes and forms, can have sharp corners

Can be viewed as cold and minimalistic, using bright colors, more colors and curves add comfort. Nothing too busy in this style

Classic Contemporary: softer color contrasts highlight artwork on walls. Furniture has more rounded lines, colors compliment instead of contrast to draw room into focus with no abrupt focal point

Conversation Area

Modern          (Less is more)

Clean, streamlined furniture and architecture style characterized with neutral color palettes, polished surfaces, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry.

Minimal details, hidden appliances, less accessories.

Common materials include stainless steel, marble, granite and frosted glass. Bold, bright colors such as reds, blues, and yellows or black and white are prevalent.


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Eclectic          (Mix of Many)

Relies heavily on color, pattern, texture, and composition to make space look cohesive. No particular color palette, patterns, style or material but mix of many from different eras.

Multitudes of fabrics is used whether patterns, textured, solid or all three mixed

Colors are strictly up to taste, typically chosen because like various aspects from multiple styles

Kitchen Remodel

Some additional style characteristics


Arts & Crafts

Simple in form, no extra decoration, shows way pieces are made and material is put together, beauty in the craftsmanship. Mid tone ranges, rectilinear forms, hand-made accessories in ceramic, metal and glass. Furniture is mostly made from oak and is heavy and square. Clean, straight and simple lines.



Nautical or Beach themed is a relaxed sophistication with comfortable fabrics. Color palette includes navy and white with gold accents with some use of red, black and yellow.


Shabby Chic

Sense of brightness and airiness inside with weathered white painted furniture, painted motifs, floral prints in muted colors and vintage or flea market accessories. Multiple fabric options used in unifying colors include floral, stripes and patterns. Pastels offer a more feminine feel to this style.

shabby chic my chic adventure

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Muted tones blend the walls, floors and furniture for a welcoming feel in natural hues accented with rich reds. Lighter finishes with earthy tones, rich textures including terra cotta, stone and metal.



Colorful variation of country and garden references, dainty more feminine decoration, bead board contrasting with wicker and iron furnishings. Weathered and aged finishes with a touch of whimsy



More substantial than cottage with heirloom furnishings and accessories, still includes feminine touches. Wood used in its natural look, palettes are muted, yet rich in tone. Fabrics are textured, comfortable and combine with leather.

country style

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