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Interior Design Services

Interior Design Services are offered for any size and type of project!


Free In-Home Consultation: This service is provided for residential and commercial projects. This services is provided for each party to get introduced and the scope of the project defined. Helpful tips and advice are provided to home and business owners.


Color Consultation: This service provides consulting to understand what you want from the space and assistance in selecting colors that update or adjust the interior or exterior sapce in the right direction. I can help you to understand the theory behind various colors and help make informed decisions before execution.

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Kitchen & Bath Design: This service is offered for small to larger projects whether a tile design, kitchen re-design and/or bathroom remodel. Expertise on how these space function and the best materials for each space will be used to assist you, builders, remodelers and renovation companies to transform or create spaces.


Space Planning & Design: This service provides you with space planning and designs to communicate how the space can change to benefit your desires and preferences. This service includes furniture and space re-arranging. All structural drawings will need to be checked by engineers and/or professionals with actual building and/or contracting experience.

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Project Management: This service provides property investors and homeowners who need assistance in running their project, scheduling sub-contractors and following through on labor lead times, completed work, and daily updates. These projects come second to your career and family time, take the pressure and stress off yourself and hire someone with experience to make the project schedule or progress of the project.


Decorating Services: This service provides assistance to you in selecting all home decor, furniture and accessory items for each space or room desired. Included are shopping services plus assistance in furniture and accessory placement and hanging of artwork.


Holiday Decorating: This service is provided for commercial owners and homeowners who have an interest in decorating their space for the holidays. Whether a special party or decor for the season, L Marie can help you to plan out the space, organize a list of decor required or suggested and assistance in placement. Decorate your space to reflect your holiday spirit for family and friends or clients.


Residential Interior Selections: This service provides you with assistance in making selections for products used with the home whether it is tile, paint, flooring, hardware, etc. This service is offered to builders, remodelers and homeowners, if working on your own, services can extend to assistance on execution, based upon request.


Commercial Interior Selections: This service provides you with assistance in making selections for products used within any commercial interior whether it is flooring, paint, lighting, drapery, and/or furniture. This service is offered to commercial building owners, commercial builders and remodeling companies. Services can extend to assistance on execution, based on request.